Okay, I've tried to keep track of all the ideas you've sent me and I'm sure I've missed some (if I have, I'm so sorry!). Life is crazy busy, but one of these days, I'm going to get back to making some blinkies, so if there is something I've missed that you've wanted (and I know I still have one blinkie with a spelling error I need to correct *blush*), let me know here!

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer!


  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a blinkie of the portland temple and the mt.timp temple in one? I have both pictures I can send you, I just need your e-mail address. Also I'm wondering if you could make it say 'where the Robertson family became forever'? I really like the coloring of the St.George blinkie, but black and white is okay too. My e-mail address is Your blinkies are beautiful!

    Thanks a ton!

  2. I love your blinkies, they are amazing!! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi could you make a blinkie with your business design so we can advertise your adorable blinkies on our blogs?? A lot of my family and friends would love these!! Thanks!

  4. haha I just found some on your other site. Thanks!

  5. Hello
    I love your blinkies so much.....
    Could you also make some blinkie with a religion candle for all the ones you love who passed away......I would love to have one on my blog for for example my grandmother.
    Nice summer too.

  6. Do you have or know of any sites that have cute buttons to link from your blog to facebook? I have been in search of one but haven't one that just jumps out at me.

  7. "Raising a boy is no day at the beach...But you WILL get wet!"

  8. "It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are" E.E.Cummings

    "Good books are like friends, willing to give to us if we are willing to make a little effort." President Gordon.B.Hinkley

    "Without "me", it would only be aweso"

    Thanks for all your great blinkies:)

  9. Would you be willing to design a special background and a special blinkie for our Family Readiness Group? We are out of Blackfoot Idaho, and what the Family Readiness Group or FRG is, is a group that supports families of soldiers. We are the FRG for the National Guard Unit in Blackfoot and we recently started a blog that will show announcements, and give opportunities for families to show pictures, share stories, and basically share their feelings about life while their soldier is gone. As a unit, we recently found out that our soldiers are being deployed come next Sept. even though that is a full year away, there are a lot of fears and preperations that go into it. We have really struggled with finding a background that isn't to 4th of Julyish, but that also shows what we are all about. We want something cute and special for our families. If you have any suggestions, or are up to creating something for us, please let me know.

    A Blinkie that says I Love A Soldier would be awesome!

    You can email me at



  10. I absolutely LOVE your blinkies! I have already used several and I am new to your site, which I also love! Thank you for all of your hard work and for making it free for all to enjoy! I too would love a blikie of the Portland temple: my husband & I were sealed there 5yrs. ago yesterday! I would really appreciate it! In any color etc., I trust your creative style! It would be a permanent blinkie on my blog! Thanks again for all you do!

  11. I would love to see something for autism awareness. Maybe something that says "Someone with autism makes me proud everyday" or something like that. Thanks!!

  12. Yes hello there ! Your blog is great, I love it . I need a blinky for someone who works at a Bottle Depot . There are next to no recycling backgrounds or anything . If you can make a bottle depot blinky for him that would be super. It would also be great to find some post dividers made out of bottles or a recycle image of some sort. His blog is at . Thanks so much ! God Bless You . A banner would be nice also .


Thanks for using my blinkies. I hope you enjoy them!